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Fall Family Sessions

It's that time of year again when the leaves are starting to change into beautiful red, gold, yellow and orange colours. 

We are once again booking limited fall sessions for anyone interested in having photos taken in this colourful season.  


Review our info page to learn more about our process to give you the best experience possible. 

please contact us with any questions or booking inquiries.  

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A special day for a beautiful couple. Congratulations Matthew and Zara!

13+ years and 4 beautiful children later they have tied the knot! It was a gorgeous, if not slightly temperamental, Alberta summer day.  There was loads of sunshine, a little breeze now and then, and a few tiny showers that you could have gotten away without an umbrella for.  Being an outdoor wedding at the brides’ childhood farm, kids were able to run around, adults got to enjoy the gorgeous (award winning) gardens.

While people arrived from both near and far Zara kept well hidden in the house and Matthew greeted guests outside.  When you share the same building, playing hide the bride can be difficult, but they managed well.

getting ready

The groom patiently waiting for the bride to make her quick trip around the expansive vegetable garden.  


The family was involved in nearly every aspect of the celebration, Matthew and Zara's children preceded her down the aisle with her sister. Zara's mother was her escort, giving her away at the end. 


The wedding went on as weddings do, there were tears and special words, smiles and a couple laughs. It was perfect. 


The ring bearer did his job famously well, so the neverending circle of love could be placed on each others fingers.


The flower girls got right in there and decorated up the grass for their parents.


A beautiful family!



There are a variety of opportunities for formally posed images at weddings, but sometimes you just need to toss in some variety. Matthew wanted to get his teams socks in the picture, and why not catch the sisters photo bomb in the back? everything is a memory.


Let the celebration continue with supper, drinks cake and toasts


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Baking Day with Gram

Gram loves to bake! Paige is interested in learning to bake, so together with the help of a crazy minion they take on the cookie challenge.

Getting right in there from the start the minion lets his presence be known. "What did you put in there? can I do it? when's it my turn?" he asks.... "don't worry, you can help put things in later" says Gram, as she shows Paige the special technique of putting the butter in. 

Decisions, decisions..."which one is the 1/2 cup?" asks Paige, "oh, I see." smiling when she understands how it works, moving seamlessly into the spoons to measure the vanilla. 

"now we use the back edge of the knife to level off the flour, getting a precise cup" explians Gram.

You can't keep a good minion down, he persisted and got his turn! The happiness of being a "big boy" and getting to help with the cookie construction certainly made his day....for a little while anyway. 

Paige diligently working to get every bit of yummy dough off the beater. "That's an entire cookie or two right there!" exclaims Paige.

I have to admit, those cookie scoops are pretty great for kids to use, easier than the two spoon method. Paige gets them all placed in nice even rows, Ryder jumps right in placing the very necessary m&m candy on top, which of course made his day...again! 

Into the oven, Gram took full control of this part. Safety first. 

The excitement mounts for tasting as the first batches are cooling on the rack.  Paige is a pro at transferring them over.

"Now Gram?? please, can I have one now??" ask Ryder impatiently, as he stares at the cooling yumminess laying on the table top, goading him with their delicious smell. 

"Yes," says Gram, "It's time to have a cookie."  This was it, right here his day was definitely made, no topping finally getting to go from minion to cookie monster!  So Paige, Gram and Ryder - and myself - enjoyed...a few cookies. 

Grandma’s never run out of hugs or cookies
— Authour unknown

Happy spring! may you find the time to bake some cookies this coming Easter holiday and create memories for a lifetime. 

Malissa Lea

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Back to film continued

The journey continues on re-learning how to shoot with a film camera, adjusting settings based on how images turn out.  My kids continue to be subjected to my experimentation with this process, but they don't seem to mind to much - for now anyway. 

Fall, leaves are turning, kids are exploring. Throughout Spruce Grove and Stony Plain a person can find piano's placed in different public locations for people to play a tune or plunk on the keys. We found one of the pianos at Stony Plain's Rotary Park, the kids enjoyed a few minutes of piano fun before heading out for a walk.  A different day we pulled out popsicle sticks and challenged the girls to build a house or some type of stick building. That was an entire weekend project. 

So each fall the kids love raking up leaves and jumping into them, really who doesn't enjoy that pastime. Here are a few of my favourites from that roll. 

Following fun with leaves is Halloween! Thanks to the kids grandparents we had pumpkins to carve this year, unfortunately last year there was a shortage and no carving happened. Pre carving was a little twister game fun and some cheeky Ryder pictures.

And the snow starts falling....the poor rose bush bending under the weight of new heavy snow. Another indoor day for the kids so more game playing, this time some battle ship.

So we do at times venture outside for some snow play...these are the most recent in the film journey, just this past March in fact when we get crazy swings in weather and snow quite often.  Why not use a big rubbermaid tub packed with snow to build a "castle".

So still lots for me to remember and take into consideration when shooting with a film camera, it is an exciting journey and I am looking forward to its continuation.  I'd like to give a shout out to Canadian Film Labs for the development and scanning of the images. They offer a custom experience and have great educational information to help their clients succeed in shooting film. 

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Looking forward to Summer

Every summer I make it a goal to take my kids out on as many adventures as we can with out going to crazy. One of those is a trip up to their uncle and aunt's cabin located at Slave lake. We have all kinds of fun playing in the lake, going for walks, rides on the boat and helping build something to improve on the experience. 


One of the other things the kids enjoy about heading to the lake is the chance to play with Cembra a beautiful husky.

For my self enjoying being with the kids at the lake is of course great fun, but it also gives me a chance at some personal photographic time. 

At the end of the weekend the kids had an aura happy exhaustion. For a more extensive look at our fun filled weekend...  

I love making lifestyle images of my families adventures and would love to help capture the adventures of other families. All to often we involve ourselves so much in an activity or event that we forget to snap a couple pictures to reminisce by. Covering events such as birthday parties, special outings, regular outings or just day to day at and around home so you can enjoy your family, your experience and your self are all lifestyle services offered here. We want you to make memories, and we are here to capture you making them.

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Winter Tea Party and Family session

Were we just a little bit crazy, maybe, but even if they were a little cold the girls had a great time having a tea party, tossing candy canes and skipping along the trail! 


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Fall sessions

Fall, well this year it was a couple weeks long and we seem to have jumped right into winter. Before the snow fell though I had the opportunity to do a quick session with my cousins and their families.   What a way to commemorate a 60th birthday for my uncle - their dad - then with an up to date family portrait. 

Back to Film

Digital photography is great, I love it, but recently I have been missing the challenge of film. Framing it right, focusing and exposing properly (or I hope anyway) and not being able to see right away if it has turned out the way I wanted it! Waiting a week or more to have the prints come back from the processing lab. 

My old canon AE-1 is a great camera, takes wonderful images with only one tiny downfall....its manual focus, for some types of photography this is not an issue - for photographing children who squirm and just can't sit still not matter what posed quite the challenge. I went online and searched for a newer canon film camera and discovered the Canon EOS-1V! the word excited doesn't cover how I was feeling. It was a film camera used by pro sports and magazine photographers all over the world. It was compatible with my EOS 7D lenses!!!  huge selling point there! I found one for sale and jumped at the opportunity to buy it. 

Ryder giving me grins, such a cheek boy.

Ryder giving me grins, such a cheek boy.

Now a couple weeks later and a few rolls of film used up, I love it! So far my children, yard, neighbourhood and in-laws have been subjected to my new, film, auto-focusing, adventure (yes the auto-focus is a game changer).  The film is not "pro quality" it's what ever I have been able to find still available at one or two stores in my community, but the prints, the grain and texture - it's wonderful. 

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Allied Arts Council - Member Headshot evening

What a great time I had doing some Artist Headshots for the Allied Arts Council a few weeks ago! Some of the members came out and let me try out a lighting set up in exchange for a headshot to use in social media, website profiles and other needs. We had some laughs as I directed them in what can only be called "odd" ways to achieve the desired results. Visit the Allied Arts Council Website to see all the great things they are doing.


The kids had a great time again this year for Halloween. We went to visit our friends and all the kids went trick-or-treating together. They met some neighbours, went through a haunted house and got rained on a little. Before we left home to do any Halloween activities I had to grab some pictures of my kids costumes this year.

Morgan wanted to be scary so we did her up as a devil, Paige went for the purple witch and Ryder didn't get much of a choice, he's my clown - he wasn't really into getting his picture taken either.

Photo Booth Fun 2015

What a fun time we had October 30, 2015 at the Allied Arts Council's Black and White Masquerade Gala. There were a great variety of members art work on display both large and small as well as 3D work. A Patsy Cline Tribute was sung by a great artist. The MC kept the evening moving along well and the catering was top notch.

Members of Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County including Spruce Groves Mayor and other council members, had art work up for auction. Over the last 2-3 months these brave citizens took up pen, pencil, paint brush and even camera to produce art work. They did not go it alone though, members of the AAC were there helping them along as mentors, sharing their knowledge to help produce fantastic works of art. 

Lea Photography & Design, worked with Then, Now and Forever Photography in a onsite full set photo booth to provide an added experience to the gala.  Gala attendees had a chance to have a portrait taken of themselves and/or with friends. Masks on or off it didn't matter they all had a great time, being both silly and serious.


We definitely look forward to next year and the possibility of again taking pictures of some fun people at this wonderful fundraising event.