Baking Day with Gram

Gram loves to bake! Paige is interested in learning to bake, so together with the help of a crazy minion they take on the cookie challenge.

Getting right in there from the start the minion lets his presence be known. "What did you put in there? can I do it? when's it my turn?" he asks.... "don't worry, you can help put things in later" says Gram, as she shows Paige the special technique of putting the butter in. 

Decisions, decisions..."which one is the 1/2 cup?" asks Paige, "oh, I see." smiling when she understands how it works, moving seamlessly into the spoons to measure the vanilla. 

"now we use the back edge of the knife to level off the flour, getting a precise cup" explians Gram.

You can't keep a good minion down, he persisted and got his turn! The happiness of being a "big boy" and getting to help with the cookie construction certainly made his day....for a little while anyway. 

Paige diligently working to get every bit of yummy dough off the beater. "That's an entire cookie or two right there!" exclaims Paige.

I have to admit, those cookie scoops are pretty great for kids to use, easier than the two spoon method. Paige gets them all placed in nice even rows, Ryder jumps right in placing the very necessary m&m candy on top, which of course made his day...again! 

Into the oven, Gram took full control of this part. Safety first. 

The excitement mounts for tasting as the first batches are cooling on the rack.  Paige is a pro at transferring them over.

"Now Gram?? please, can I have one now??" ask Ryder impatiently, as he stares at the cooling yumminess laying on the table top, goading him with their delicious smell. 

"Yes," says Gram, "It's time to have a cookie."  This was it, right here his day was definitely made, no topping finally getting to go from minion to cookie monster!  So Paige, Gram and Ryder - and myself - enjoyed...a few cookies. 

Grandma’s never run out of hugs or cookies
— Authour unknown

Happy spring! may you find the time to bake some cookies this coming Easter holiday and create memories for a lifetime. 

Malissa Lea