What I've been up too over the winter...

So happy to share this recently completed site for my sister!! Her company is renting out strawbales for display, events and holidays, birthday parties, etc.



The Last Straw, the ideal renewable resource for you Straw Bales! An Eco-friendly and creative way to "western-size" your Stamped Party!

Rent straw bales as an alternative to plastic chairs, offering your guests an ideal place to rest their rear or their beer, while soaking up the Calgary Stampede spirit!!

Scatter some bales around your event site to help you achieve an authentic western atmosphere. Stack some bales at your business entrance to create an inviting western vibe. 


Hi everyone 

It’s April already, well nearly May! I can’t wait to see the grass green up and early flowers starting to bud out.

These first few months of 2018 have been keeping me busy. Getting the painting website http://www.onestrokeatatimeart.com up and running and then revised when the owner decided to go in a different course distribution direction.

Taking on a website content management role for Vanity Collective, a local salon and spa service. As well as doing website reorganization, content managing and virtual assistant tasks for a company run out of Ontario, Rogers Nation.

This months main focus has been the web creation and management of a local Alberta company called http://www.Moved2Heal.ca, offering a variety spiritual of services. The site is still being constructed but is operating on a basic level with the goal of completion by the beginning of June.

Along with these projects and ongoing jobs, I have also continued my volunteer work on the Allied Arts Councils website as they decided to offer online class registration and sales. Working with the gallery manager we have set things up for ease of registration in classes, workshops and membership.

I hope you have had a great start to 2018, I look forward to helping organize and/or help get companies websites up and running so they have a presence in the online world. Websites are just a small part of a big picture, keeping the information simple, organized and easy to navigate is just another door for customers to open and learn about your business.

Cheers and happy spring 



Nearly a year ago while laid up from an ACL reconstructive surgery I redesigned my cities local Allied Arts Council’s webpage.

As well as moving it from wordpress to squarespace.

The site keeps the public informed of feature shows currently hanging in the gallery, there is an opportunity for members to showcase their work, with their own member page, which they can also have linked to social Media or another personal website of their own.

The site offers a calendar of the galleries events as well as art council members shows and activities including presentations from area artists or the Art Connect program allowing people to gather for the purpose of creating.

View it here…




I spent the majority of January developing a special project for a friend. She has wanted to provide an online art education service for a few years but had never found all the pieces coming together until this January. We met up a couple times to discuss the scope of her project and then I got to work using and customizing a squarespace based website.

This is a subscription based education service where the subscriber is provided with 4 classes each month. They are meant to work through one project a week learning a themed technique each moth.

You can check out her site One Stroke at a Time Art where you can try out some free classes or if you are in the area maybe sign up for one of her paint evenings, bring some friends.

Eventually the site will expand to offering art supplies and perhaps a store to purchase some of the instructors own art put up for sale.


To the beginning. The beginning of a service to help others, help relieve them of stress over how to update their websites.

Content management is one of the services I am offering to busy businesses or organizations who would rather conduct business then keep a website up to date. It’s as easy as sending me the information you want on the site, or any changes to current information and I will dive in and make those changes.

Adding and removing elements can help keep your site in front of others, I can help with that too. I am not a designer, I am website manager. If large changes are needed then that might need the website designer.

As website design change, I will always do what I can to find a solution for you. Sometimes research is a big part of what I do in order to create the site you want. I promise if I can’t find the answer, I will find someone who knows or be very upfront with you that it’s beyond my skills to accomplish.