Hi everyone 

It’s April already, well nearly May! I can’t wait to see the grass green up and early flowers starting to bud out.

These first few months of 2018 have been keeping me busy. Getting the painting website up and running and then revised when the owner decided to go in a different course distribution direction.

Taking on a website content management role for Vanity Collective, a local salon and spa service. As well as doing website reorganization, content managing and virtual assistant tasks for a company run out of Ontario, Rogers Nation.

This months main focus has been the web creation and management of a local Alberta company called, offering a variety spiritual of services. The site is still being constructed but is operating on a basic level with the goal of completion by the beginning of June.

Along with these projects and ongoing jobs, I have also continued my volunteer work on the Allied Arts Councils website as they decided to offer online class registration and sales. Working with the gallery manager we have set things up for ease of registration in classes, workshops and membership.

I hope you have had a great start to 2018, I look forward to helping organize and/or help get companies websites up and running so they have a presence in the online world. Websites are just a small part of a big picture, keeping the information simple, organized and easy to navigate is just another door for customers to open and learn about your business.

Cheers and happy spring