To the beginning. The beginning of a service to help others, help relieve them of stress over how to update their websites.

Content management is one of the services I am offering to busy businesses or organizations who would rather conduct business then keep a website up to date. It’s as easy as sending me the information you want on the site, or any changes to current information and I will dive in and make those changes.

Adding and removing elements can help keep your site in front of others, I can help with that too. I am not a designer, I am website manager. If large changes are needed then that might need the website designer.

As website design change, I will always do what I can to find a solution for you. Sometimes research is a big part of what I do in order to create the site you want. I promise if I can’t find the answer, I will find someone who knows or be very upfront with you that it’s beyond my skills to accomplish.