That 3-year old headshot you keep using? It just isn’t cutting it anymore.


Your Audience just wants to know that you’re real.

That you’ve got their back.

Which means you need more than an outdated headshot of yourself to share with the world that barely even looks like you anymore.

(Ever met someone that you’ve known online for years and barely recognized them because they don’t look like their profile picture? Yeah, don’t be that person!)

You need new images all the time that you can post frequently, but you have better things to do than to waste time each day taking low-quality selfies.

Clients today want to connect with the people they buy from.

They want to know who you are.

What you stand for.

What your life is like.

And with platforms like Instagram and Facebook more popular than ever, it’s become easier and easier to engage with the people they do business with.

People want to follow you and join in the conversations you’re having.

I know it may seem a bit uncomfortable to have all that attention.

But here’s the thing.