We are always excited for new and interesting photo opportunities, if you are having an event and would like onsite photography of goings on, we would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you and make a plan that meets your event needs. Events are all different so we will work with you and your budget to provide the best experience possible.

Birthday Event Photography

From your child's first birthday to grandma's 90th celebration and every birthday in between, capturing the milestones is important. These memories will last a lifetime. You want to be sure that the special day is captured and portrayed for years to come. Many times party organizers are busy organizing, visiting and having a good time they don’t get to see all that is happening, event photography gives you the chance to view that which happened while you were taking the time to organize and visit with party attendees.

Malissa Lea is a local Spruce Grove photographer who has experience in capturing event photography, including birthday celebrations. Whether you have an intimate family gathering or are throwing a grand birthday bash, Malissa is able to capture the it.

Wildwood Agricultural Fair - August 2018

Rodgers Hometown Hockey event December 31, 2017

Check out the BLOG post for an in depth look at the days event. 

Pheonix TaeKwondo Annual Tournament - Volunteer


Allied Arts Council Country Outlaws masquerade & paintslinger competition. 2016  

Allied Arts Council Masquerade Gala Gallery  2015