We believe that every family deserves to have beautiful photos on the walls of their home. You invest precious time and effort in raising a family to be the best they can be, wouldn’t it be lovely to remember the journey as they grow up? From babies, through to toddlers, children and teens, they’re all special stages to remember. 

We deliver a fun experience that you’ll remember every time you see the photographs hanging on the wall. Using our skills we capture beautiful photos creating beautiful wall art, you just need to choose where to put it!


Our Process

In order to provide you the best experience possible we have a pre-shoot consultation, portrait session followed up by a viewing/ordering session. Prints will then either be delivered or picked up by you.

Pre - Shoot Consultation

This consultation is an "ice breaker" it gives you a chance to meet with me over coffee or chat over the phone. We get a chance to get to know each other a little better so when it's time for your portrait session the awkward, shy stage can be shorter.  A more relaxed environment allows for a more natural portrait.  During our chat we will determine which session type meets your needs, and then schedule a time and location for your photo session, as well as your custom viewing/ordering session.

Portrait Session

As the photographer I will be at the session location 15 minutes prior to our agreed upon time, when you arrive we will chat, and then get started.  Sessions are slotted in 60 - 90 min timeframes, these are not set in stone, it is common for time to both run a little over and under.  Our goal is to give a session enough time to stay relaxed and fun while still getting a variety of poses and backgrounds. It gives kids a chance to move around a little between shots, letting me get  traditional and lifestyle type images. 

Viewing/Ordering Sessions

At the your viewing session you will see a custom slideshow video of your images to enjoy.  I will have proof images for you to hold and sort into love and keep piles.  There will be a variety of portrait products to look at, touch, sniff (kidding) so when you are making a decision on what you want for your wall display, you will know before hand what the printed material will look like.  Once you have placed your order and payment is made, an online gallery will be set up for you to download for sharing with friends and family any image you purchased as a print or digital file.  We understand social media and the want to share, so we try and make it possible as best we can.

Things we ask you to consider for your ordering session:

  • Do you have a large wall space you want to fill with a collage.
  • Would you like a few bigger portrait prints and some smaller gift prints.
  • Did you want a certain image orientation for a particular frame or space.
  • Are you giving gift prints out to family members or in cards/invitations.

Print pickup or delivery 

All printed portraits and digital files will be packaged in an attractive manner, you spent hard earned dollars on these heirlooms and they should be presented as such.  At the ordering session it will have been determined if you are picking up or if I am delivering, but either way any questions you have about your portraits should be brought up and it is always best to unpackage while I am there, so if you have any concerns we can figure them out as soon as possible. 

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment. This kind of photography is realism. But realism is not enough – there has to be vision, and the two together can make a good photograph

Custom Fine art Portrait prints

Our customers average investment is $1200 for their custom fine art prints.

We offer an exceptionally crafted photo box which holds up to 25 matted 11x14 fine art prints starting at $1000

Custom fine art gallery wrap canvas' starting at $300

Mounted* 11x14 and larger fine art portrait prints starting at $200

8x10 and smaller are $50 and come mounted* on a rigid backing unless otherwise requested.

*prints are mounted on a styrene backing to offer longevity and stability.


Some customers prefer to purchase our wall displays which provide an array of layout options, we help in image selection based on budget and wall space.  Wall displays are as small as a 1.5'x1' display and start at $190


The creative fee is for the photographer's time, materials and expertise used in creating the images you will select from.   

Portrait Sessions (Family, children, grads, and animals)

It includes a pre-session consultation, a portrait session of 1-2 hours, and a proof-viewing session to select your portraits. (All products and prints are purchased separately.)

Basic Portrait Sessions                                                                                                                        $75.00

Up to 60 min for an Individual, couple, or small family group (up to 8 people).

Animal friend sessions - up to 3 pets. Owner involvement required.

Extended Session                                                                                                                                $95.00

Up to 120 mins, this allows for more poses and/or groupings, changes of clothes, etc.

Digital Media Portrait Session                                                                                                            $500.00

Same as basic session, but includes 15 digital images downloadable from online 

gallery. A proof-viewing session is optional for you to select any custom prints.


Headshot Packages

A great session for Realtors, Business Owners and/or their employees,  Artists, Groups and Organizations. 

Single Headshot Package                                                                                                                  $150.00

Up to 40 min onsite photo session, 2-4 digital files for download.

 Group Headshot Package                                                                                                                  $250.00

The fee covers a 60 min onsite photo session for 2-4 people. Every 30min following the first hour, is an additional $50/half hour.  2 digital images for download per person will be available within 1-2 weeks depending on the group size. 

* Images will be usable in digital or print media in perpetuity.

Please note the photographer retains all copyrights to digital files and/or negatives.

If you are interested in booking a session or learning more about our products please contact us.

Thank you.